Friday, December 14, 2012

here is the roof project

More redo

One of two major water intrusions.

Proper seal on roof and wall.

Redo seams.

Still more.

 Water intrusion point 2 of 2.

drip rail joint causing delamination

Missing end cap for trim rail

work that needs to be done

This is the back of the motor home and if you can see we have major delamination going on.

We also have delamination on the driver and passenger side's as well, we are going to replace the side's and back of the rig.When we start the remodle of the out side well post it and pictures.We are going to do fiberglass on the out side and the pain theme might be a pavillion or a castle, Where not sure but if any one has any ideas please let us now.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

For any one who knew my mother.


Car accident claims life of Idaho woman in Lincoln County

Lorna E. Cowan, 63, of Ketchum, Idaho, was killed as the result of a car accident on Sunday, July 1, 2012. The accident took place approximately 10 miles south of Cokeville on U.S. Highway 30.  The accident occurred just after 2 p.m. Cowan was transported to South Lincoln Medical Center in Kemmerer.
According to information provided by the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Cowan was driving a 1979 Jeep  when the “driver’s side rear tire separated.”
“This caused Cowan to lose control of the vehicle as it went into a broadside slide off the roadway on the right side,” said Sgt. Stephen Townsend, staff coordinator for the Wyoming Highway Patrol. “The vehicle then rolled one and a half times, going through the right-of-way fence and coming to rest in the barrow pit on its top.”
According to information provided by the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Cowan was not wearing her seat belt at the time of the accident.

here we are

THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008

this is the rig

this is my rig it is my 32 year old south wind and we love it.and this is my husband hubert, and my ferrets einstein and dixcie and me

dinner with friends


Dinner in Layton, Utah

here is my husband and I with deb and rob.

here is the first time out

SUNDAY, MAY 25, 2008

the adventure of our shake down excursion

My husband and I bought the motor home in late October of 2007.we spent until late January 2008 to get it ready to get it smoged and safty tested and it past.then we headed to California, while we were on our way we didn't hit any weather until we got into sparks Navada and we checked to see if donner pass was open and at that time it was.When we reached the California border it was snowing a little but still drivable and checked to see if the pass was open again and it was but when we got to the pas it was only open to vehicals who had chains or cables. So we had to camp with no propain or heat.the next morning the pas was open so we decited to proceade to go on and we made it to Lehi be for we had problums with the motor i had to call good sams and they had a rig come out to help us get our rig fixed our relay went out and the guy fixed it so we could get to Kerman. The guy also gave us 40 dolKars in gas to make to kerman and just had me sign a peace of paper saying he towed me.the cats didnt like the trip at first but settled down after an hour and half latter but know if we don't move after two to three days they start to get really bad and pester some.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

sorry about the inconvience

Were sorry about not being able to keep every one up to date since the last post was made on  . This is the new blog since we cant get on the previous on we started in 2008. since 2008 we have been down for the count on traveling until we get the engine fix and the tags up to date here in Fresno California. We got the roof of the motor home sealed until we are able to do a complete roof repair and that will be a while on that and then we will be able to replace the out side walls, the delimitation is so bad we have no wood under the metal on the back side of the rig.